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Dancingroad-z Tancujucej Cesty

                     German Shepherd Idaho

About Us

First of all let me thank you for visiting my website. My name is Martina Wilson and I live in beautiful Boise, Idaho. To start let me tell you about how I came to work with canines and to Dancingroad.

I grew up in a small town of Puchov, Slovakia. My first dog was my brother's dog Dina whom I took care of; I was 13 years old. I managed to train her but unfortunately shortly thereafter my brother sold her. Afterwards, I felt as something was missing; my father understood my sadness and one day brought home a German Shepherd puppy which we named Alec. As I began to train Alec, I understood that I had connection with canines. His obedience was not flashy, his tracking was not perfect but my relationship with Alec was the reason I stuck with dogs. A few years later, I was able to handle Alec who was a civil, dominant German Shepherd male. It was then I discovered my love for the breed as well as the challenge. As my relationship grew with Alec, he became my partner, my friend and without any doubt, my protector.

Alec taught me my passion of German Shepherds and the joy of finding their spirit. Unfortunately, Alec passed away leaving quietly with the pride of a strong dog at age 13 in 2007. Alec's temperament and protective traits came from his lineage, which is something I seek in my canines. Alec came from a strong line of working dogs dedicated to their jobs and to their handlers. Alec's father Argo died in the line of duty, 

shot in Prague in 1994. Argo's father Ben, also died in the line of duty in 1990. In both of these situations their handler's life was saved by his dog. After Argo's death, the handler was not able to bring himself to work with another service dog again.

There is a saying, "Life is not about destination, life is about journey"; I call this journey Dancing Road. This road will lead to success but only through understanding, appreciation and respect. It is this philosophy in which I strive to achieve with each dog in Dancingroad.

Alec age about 2 years old and I at about the age of 17

Dina, already sold and Alec at 4 months

Alec being "trained" by my niece and nephew in Germany

Our Philosophy

I pick, raise, train and title my own dogs. I know exactly what I have and what the dogs can bring to the table. I pick my breeding dogs based not only on pedigree but on the temperament and working ability as well. I go and test potential dogs myself. My stock is strictly bred to be a working dog with the best potential to succeed.

Some of the puppies are also suitable to be phenomenal family pets if the families are able to give these puppies the proper training and upbringing. If you are active, like fly ball, agility or you just want a very active loyal camping buddy, I might have the right puppy for you.These dogs are not good left alone in a back yard as they get bored and create their own fun in the form of digging, fence running, or sprinklers ripping.

When you inquire about a puppy, please be specific and to the point so I can help you to get the right dog.

Thank you.

Martina CW