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Dancingroad-z Tancujucej Cesty

                     German Shepherd Idaho

Dog Food

Dog Food

Nature's Secret


This all natural raw dog food diet is made here at our home. This is a ready to feed, balanced formula for adults and puppies of any size and breed. Nature's Secret is made out of locally grown produce and all natural chicken, turkey and beef organ meats. We try to purchase as much organic ingredients as available in the season. Most of our kelp, flax seed, carrots, and apples are organic from the local suppliers.  This diet is high in animal proteins and natural fats. Most of the energy for your dogs is from animal product and fiber from veggies is used to help with healthy digestion. This formula is 85% meat and bone, 10% veggies and fruits and 5% organ meats.

Ingredients:  ground chicken with bones, ground turkey with bones, beef liver, beef hearts, carrots, broccolly, celery, apples,whole chicken eggs, bananas, white cabbage,spinach, lettuce, parsley, kelp, ground golden flax seed, apple cider vinegar, blueberries.

It might contain: whole duck eggs, green tripe, strawberries, beef kidneys, beef lungs, beef tounge

We have 6 pound and 3 pound packaging available.

Since we thrive on good quality at low cost, we have limited shipping options. We can ship ground to surrounding states: WA, OR, CA, MT, UT, NV,WY and sometimes further if the UPS can make it in two business days. We are willing to ship further but only if the customer agrees to cover the cost of air shipping. The minimum shipping weight is 42 pounds to keep the food fresh and frozen. We will not ship with dry ice, sorry.

The average price per ground UPS shipping is $0.80 per a pound. The average total price for the food is $3.15 with shipping included. Price may vary depending on the distance and amount.

Does your dog have any food allergies?

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