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Dancingroad-z Tancujucej Cesty

                     German Shepherd Idaho


Due to lack of time and specific request, I sometimes have females that are not currently listed on the web site. Because you do not see a female you would like does not mean I do not know of one for sale. Please don't hesitate to call me or write me and I will be happy to provide info on the girls that are "in making": waiting for certification on hips and elbows, trialed for titles and breed surveys, getting done with litter of puppies and so on. 

Vina Re-Star BH, ZVV1



Pedigree: HERE

VIDEOS: Video1,Video2, Video3, Video4, Video5

Freshly titled female from very nice German lines. Vina is up-beat, loving female with excellent speed and nicely balanced drives. Vina was titled for resale as a breeding and family protection prospect. This girl, if taken in by a good handler can probably compete at higher level. Vina is social but will not go out of her way to meet everyone. She is suitable for family, breeding and some more sport trialing. She is a nicely structured dog with nice temperament and great drives to do any work.

I have her hips and elbows on file and will send them for official rating. She is clear,front and back but no official stamp yet.

Vina is an excellent female for breeding that will bring in the correct size, nice bone, speed, solid nerves and excellent defense. Vina would be an excellent addition to anyone looking to produce fast, strong, civil dogs for any work venue.

Bea Salkovan ZVV1


DOB: 09/28/2015

Pedigree: HERE

VIDEOS: Video1, Video2, Video3, Video4, Video5, Video6, Video7, Video8

Elbows/Hips: A/A clear both

Bea was raised as a family dog by a first time dog handler. She tried many venues as dog dancing, obedience, personal protection. Bea is larger female with solid pigment. Bea is a very sweet dog, loves kids and is more aloof than social towards new people. Se work for her handler. Bea was trained as a family protection female but most important, she was a part of family. Bea is suitable as a breeding female for people who love old type bloodlines, she could be retrained and used at a club level sport or PSA sports and bite sports. She has good hunt drive, nice full grips, is fast and will do muzzle work as well. This is a super nice find for people who like old Slovak bloodlines and solid nerves. Bea is a larger female with typical old blood structure and good bone.

Bea is suited for a breeder who loves the old type Slovak/Czech bloodlines that are hard to find. She would be really good foundation female to bring in nice civil drive and good temperament.

Bea's lineage goes back to some really nice old type dogs like Ipor Kido, or Ero z Osobovske Skaly, Emilka Anrebri to name few.

Bea is in Slovakia and will have to be imported. Additional 970-1200 Euro needs to be considered.