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Dancingroad-z Tancujucej Cesty

                     German Shepherd Idaho

2010 USA FH2 HIT Orin z Jirkova Dvora SchH3, FH2

Elbows : normal

PennHip: 0.19, and 0.30


DOB: 10/25/2005

AKC: DN17116202

DNA Profile: V577112

Click on : Orin's Pedigree

Click on: Orin's Offspring at 10 weeks

Video Gallery

Click here for :Suit work

Click here for:Bark and Hold

Click here for: Orin Tracking

Click here for: Teaching the "Out"

Click here for: Orin's Schutzhund3 Protection Routine

        Orin is a medium large male. This is a very serious dog. He will bite sleeve, suite and hidden sleeve, yet he is absolutely stable and a fantastic dog to live with. Orin is a skilled tracker and he knows how to use his nose in building searches. His drives are very balanced prey and fight.Everybody who meets this guy likes his temperament and workability. He passes his drives to his offspring and he is a lot of fun to work with. His call off is 100% and he is my PPD trained by Pete Rollins. Look for Orin on tracking fields!

Orin is the son of Reno Jipo-Me

ZVV3, IPO1, ZPO1,5JVQ1/P 1.Tř. Kkl 1 and Holy z Vajsbachu ZVV1. He carries a very nice bloodline back to Grim z PS and my all time favorite working dog Dargo Ha-Ja-Da from his mother's side. Orin inherited Dagro type drives. He is civil, yet social, his on and off switch is very pronounced and he has no environmental issues. This dog can work in a corner of a dark room without any help from a handler and he will do the same good job on an open field. I have been told by many K-9 handlers that this dog should be working the streets. The best compliment a dog handler can get beside the judges loving to see him work.

            We expect Orin to produce strong dogs with tremendous drives suitable for any type of work. Currently, Orin is continuing in PSA and tracking training. He is now available as a stud to approved females. Frozen semen also available.